ARM Ch. 12 Executive Endorses Manna Wong for Toronto City Council

Dear ARM Members and residents in Ward 22 (Scarborough-Agincourt),


As you may already be aware, the vacancy created by the removal of Councillor Jim Karygiannis in June for an election spending violation has resulted in the calling of a municipal mail-in ballot by-election by the City Clerk for January 15th, 2021. The election of a progressive candidate to be the area City Councillor until the next municipal election in October of 2022 is very important to the political balance of the current Council under the leadership of Mayor John Tory. Consequently, ARM Chapter 12 Executive is endorsing the candidacy of Manna Wong, who is the current elected TDSB Trustee for this electoral district in which she resides.


According to many local business representatives and community activists, she has been doing a fine job representing public school students, parents and the greater community since her first election in 2014. Prior to that, she was closely involved in community organizing and constituency work for well-known politicians such as Marilyn Churley, Jack Layton and Peter Tabuns. Since her election, Manna has gained much respect and praise for her commitment to public school issues both in Scarborough-Agincourt and the public school system across Toronto. Some of these achievements include:

  • fixing local traffic and road safety issues, while also developing climate action projects;
  • prioritizing repairs to over-crowded schools and stopping increases to childcare fees;
  • developing the successful new arts programs aka. “Arts Intersections”;
  • involved in the creation of the position of Integrity Commissioner at the TSDB to ensure that elected officials live up to the highest standards of competence and conduct.
As the new local Scarborough-Agincourt representative at City Hall, Manna Wong is determined to achieve the following:
  • ensure fair public health programs for Scarborough during the ongoing pandemic, especially as vaccines become available in 2021;
  • advocate for community services such as the long-awaited Bridletowne Community Hub;
  • fight for improved TTC funding for both the Sheppard subway line and better service on overcrowded local Scarborough bus routes.
Voter turnout in by-elections is often quite low, so a strongly supported and funded experienced and competent candidate can win with our support. I strongly encourage you to give Manna Wong your vote, but also any other tangible support possible. Remember that all municipal political donations to a council candidate are eligible for a rebate from the City in 2022. See the following link:
For further information about how you can support Manna, please contact her campaign using the link
Best regards,

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