After School Editorial Board

2020,  A New Direction for After School

In early 2020, we began our initiative to produce After School as a digital publication, available to all members through email, and on the website. There will be 3 digital issues per year, and one issue as a hard copy, which will be mailed out. It too will also be available in digital form on our website. This has been possible through the skilled handiwork of our new editor and graphic designer, Ronda Allan. Ronda has a lengthy career in publishing and communications, facilitated by a degree in Fine Art and post graduate studies in graphic design. She currently works in the Communications Department of the Provincial Office of OSSTF. You’ll notice her unique stamp on the design and layout of all future issues.


After School, an Interactive Publication

In order to facilitate the work of Ronda, we have an Editorial Board that brainstorms ideas, and vets articles and photographs. The members are listed below. This board has as one of its priorities, the goal of making After School interactive with the ARM Chapter 12 membership. We welcome participation and submissions from you, our members. Here is your opportunity to have others view/read your work, whether it’s art work, photographs, essays, poetry, prose, recollections from your education career, your most memorable student(s), travel here and afar, how you’ve been coping with the the pandemic, how our political leaders have been handling the pandemic, book/theatre/movie/etc. reviews, plans for your future, feedback on After School, etc. There are so many of you with so much talent and potential. Why not share some of it ? You can continue to be an inspiration. We want this Newsletter to be a place for expression by all of our members. We have a page – or two – waiting for you !


Before making a submission, please review these guidelines: After School Submission Guidelines


Please check our calendar of events for the deadlines for submissions.


Send your submissions to:



Editorial Board:

  • Ed Preston, Associate Editor
  • Christos Aslanidis
  • Michelle Barraclough
  • Charles Hawkes
  • Jim Mile
  • Manfred Netzel
  • Paul Rook
  • Neil Walker