After School Editorial Board

After School publishes 4 times a year. Members receive an electronic copy via email. All issues are available on our website.


Editorial Board

The After School Editorial Board determines the theme and content of each issue, brainstorms ideas, and vets articles and photographs. The members are listed below. After School is always looking for volunteers interested in joining the Editorial Board. If you are interested, please contact us at



ARM Chapter 12 Members are encouraged to submit articles, art work, photographs, essays, poetry, prose, travelogues, book/theatre/movie reviews, etc. We have a page – or two – waiting for you !


Before making a submission, please review the submission guidelines:

Please check our calendar of events for the deadlines for submissions.


Send your submissions to:



Editorial Board:

  • Ronda Allan, Editor
  • Eileen Markwick, Associate Editor, Reports Editor
  • Michelle Barraclough, Advertising Editor
  • Charles Hawkes
  • Allan Hux
  • Jim Mile
  • Manfred Netzel