ARM Ch. 12 Political Action Report, April 2021

ARM Political Action Report

February-April 2021


Election fever is starting a slow burn in Ontario at both the federal and provincial levels with elections occurring in the next twelve months. Our Chapter will be watching parties and politicians critically on two issues: long term care for older Canadians, and support for our working teachers.


At the provincial level, the OSSTF’s election strategy for June 2022 has begun. The goal is simple: work with any parties other than the Conservatives to win 63 seats and defeat the Ford government. A comprehensive education platform is almost completed. Incumbent MPP’s and prospective candidates are being scrutinized. Eight election supervisors have been appointed by the Federation for the province. Our Chapter will be served by Paul Bocking, from the OTBU, who has written a recent book on how neo-liberalism affects educational policy. We plan to have Paul speak at one of our Chapter meetings soon.


The Globe and Mail discovered on April 4 that permanent on-line learning is still part of the Ford government’s plan for education this coming fall. To find out more about this plan, consult TVO’s The Agenda, April 6, for Steve Pakin’s discussion with three knowledgeable panelists.


If a federal election comes this fall, the long-term care issue will be high on party platforms. Trudeau promised national standards for LTC last fall as a condition for financing better care in homes across the country. Now there is a concerted effort by the medical community, the health coalitions, labour groups, and other politicians to hold him to that promise. Movement on national standards will put additional pressure on provincial governments who are primarily responsible for the shocking number of deaths in LTC homes.


C. Hawkes

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