ARM Ch. 12 Seminar: OTIP Benefits Plan Update

ARM Luncheon presentation

ARM Ch. 12 Seminar: OTIP Benefits Plan Update


On January 27, 2021 the ARM Chapter 12 Executive hosted the third of its “Luncheons,” a seminar presented by OTIP representatives Andrea Haddington and Robin MacDonald on the features of the OTIP Benefits package, and any changes that were made over the past year. There was also a Q&A with attendees. The workshop took place online and members were invited to participate via zoom. The online meeting was recorded and is available for a limited time to members at the link below. Attached is the latest ARM Guide Benefits booklet.


Here is the link to the recording of the online meeting. A passcode is required. Please enter it exactly as it is listed below.


Passcode: Vre1#Fma


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