ARM Chapter 12 makes a donation to the Daily Bread Food Bank

ARM Chapter 12 Donates $500 to the Daily Bread Food Bank

Late in November of this year, members of the ARM Chapter 12 Executive visited the Daily Bread Food Bank and presented Director Neil Hetherington with a cheque for $500.00, and a couple of packages of “swag” from OTIP.
Neil gave us a quick tour of the place, leaving us overwhelmed with the size of the facility. We saw the industrial sized kitchen used to do some of the food preparation, and he gave us us a peak at the immense amount of food that goes through there every 10 days.
Some quotes from our visit:
  • “If this doesn’t underline the state of poverty and need in our city, I don’t know what will.”
  • “It’s obscene in our society that such an establishment has to exist.”

Here are some pictures from the visit:


Top Left and Centre: L to R.
     Neil Hetherington, Manfred Netzel, Ed Preston, Eileen Markwick (partner to Don Wright), Don Wright
Middle Row, Far Right:  L to R
      Manfred Netzel, Cole Preston (son of Ed Preston), Ed Preston, Eileen Markwick, Don Wright
Last Row: L to R
   Manfred Netzel, Cole Preston, Eileen Markwick, Don Wright, Neil Hetherington
Click on the images to enlarge them.

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