Bill 124 Arbitration Decision

Friday, May 31, 2024

Bill 124 Arbitration Decision


OSSTF Bargaining Bulletin (Issue 59) summarizes the final labour arbitration decision related to the court challenge launched by OSSTF and the other federations challenging the FORD PC’s Bill 124 in 2019.


The initial challenge to the 1% annual salary increase was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and subsequently repealed this April by the PCs. The amount of back-pay was then decided for the 2020-1 and 2021-22 school years. Today’s final decision from the Board of Arbitration covers the period from 2022-2026, and will see both Active Contract and Occasional Teachers receive a compounded   salary increase of 11.73% over four years.


Locally, the “remedy” payment has already been paid out to both contract teachers (around $15k for max cat. Members) and 1k-2k for OTs.


See below the link to the summary of the arbitration award.

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