[OHC] Pls help if you can: Seeking patients being pressured from hospital to long-term care homes they do not want to go to

April 4, 2023

Ontario Health Coalition

Seeking patients being pressured from hospitals to long-term care homes they do not want to go to

As we announced prior to the winter holidays, the Ontario Health Coalition and the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly plan to file an application with the Ontario Superior Court seeking an order striking down Bill 7 for offending the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which protects Canadians against discrimination based on age and requires protection of life, liberty and the security of the person.
We are moving forward with the court challenge and we would like to talk with patients or families about your experience with this.
Bill 7 is the law, passed by the Ford government last fall, that allows hospitals and placement coordinators to coerce hospital patients into going to long term care homes they do not wish to spend their final days in – or otherwise face having to pay $400 a day for every day they remain in hospital.  The long-term care home that a patient may be forced to accept may be a great distance from their family and community, and/or be one with a terrible record of patient neglect and very poor care.
We would like to speak with patients, families or substitute decision makers who are, or who have had to deal with these new rules. If that is you, or someone in your family, please let us know. Please email or phone Ben Piper who is one of our lawyers at (613) 482-2464 or bpiper@goldblattpartners.com.
Thank you very much,
Natalie Mehra
Executive Director

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