OTIP/RTIP Presentation, January 2022

On January 12, as part of our ongoing “Luncheon” Speaker Series, Andrea Haddlington and Kris Kauk from OTIP/RTIP presented an update on the transition of the ARM Benefits Plan which included a demonstration of the new web portal interface. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session. The presentation took place online via zoom and was recorded. A link to the recording is available, below. Additional resources helpful to members will also be posted on this document as they become available.


The recording is 1:23:00 long. It will be available for the next month or so, until we need the storage space for other, more recent recordings. Here is the link:



For assistance with a specific claim for 2022, or help navigating the OTIP website members are advised to call 1-833-318-2811. Be prepared with your new OTIP ID #. You will have to navigate through a voicemail menu before you get to speak to an actual person, but be patient and persistent.


For claims prior to 2022 members must go to the old OTIP website and use their old plan number and identification number, or call 1-866-783-6847.


To view an instructional video on how to register yourself on the new website, click this link: OTIP Registration

FAQs (The following information has been provided by OTIP.)

  1. Claims history was not deleted and will continue to be available to plan members by accessing the former site (ie the Manulife site). Click here to be directed to both new and old sites.
  2. Beginning with 2022 claims, members will be able to view this history through the new site.
  3. Members can continue to submit 2021 claims to Manulife as they have in the past (ie on line or by paper). They must be submitted by March 31st though to be eligible as Manulife does plan to invoke the 90 day filing limit.
  4. We will be sending out 2021 premium receipts as we have in the past. Beginning with 2022 premium, premium reports will be available for the member to self-serve on line through the new site. 
Some additional points:
  • Members received a communication in early October informing them of the upcoming changes. They  also received additional  information in November as part of their annual renewal prior to January 1, 2022. Finally, members received their new ID numbers, including an image of the benefit card, in early December.
  • If a member needs to make a claim and doesn’t have a computer, they will need to mail in a paper claim using the P.O.Box listed on the appropriate claim form.
  • Claims made prior to December 31, 2021 that are being mailed in for  should be submitted to Manulife to the address indicated on the claims form.They must be submitted by March 31st 2022 as per above.
  • Our RTIP Contact Centre has a new mailing address and is in Windsor, Ontario for all claims effective January 1, 2022.  This address will be available on our website and will be pre-printed on most forms.
  • For claims inquiries, contact us:
    • • Call our RTIP Contact Centre at 1-833-318-2811 to determine eligibility for a specific item or service and OTIP’s pre-authorization requirements; or
    • • Visit our website at otip.com to submit your questions.
  • How do I email my plan change request?
    • Please email your change request to planchangesandbilling@rtip.otip.com
    • In order to maintain your privacy, please include your name, along with your change request only.
    • A representative from our RTIP Contact Centre will be in touch with you to confirm your personal information and plan changes with you.
  • I’m going to exceed the 95 days travel coverage, how can I top up my out-of-country travel coverage?
    • RTIP provides coverage for trips up to 95 days.
    • If you need coverage beyond 95 days, you will need to arrange for this coverage on your own.
    • You can contact 21st Century and they may be able to assist you.
  • RTIP members will still have access to the following:
    • CAREpath Cancer Assistance Program
    • Express Scripts
    • Bayshore HealthCare
    • Edvantage
    • FeelingBetterNow
There is also some helpful information on our site available at: https://www.otip.com/For-Retirees/RTIP-Renewal/RTIP-Transition-FAQ as well as the RTIP landing page https://www.otip.com/For-Retirees/RTIP-Renewal/Welcome-RTIP-member outlines that members can access the former site to review their 2021 claims history. This site will be made available until March 31. 


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