Items of Interest

OTIP Benefits Plan Presentation

Kristofer Kauk of OTIP will review the main features of our Benefits Plan as well as any updates or changes. Judy Toste of Carepath will review the RTIP features of Carepath and Elderly Care (formerly Senior’s Care Assistance Program), and Don Lajoie will discuss the features of the “Feeling Better Now” program.   Participants will … Continue reading “OTIP Benefits Plan Presentation”

ARM OTIP Presentation

  This presentation will feature Andrea Hadlington who will review OTIP in 2021 in general as well as  all the benefits ARM members receive from OTIP as part of their membership.  She will discuss the transition to RTIP and touch on some of the RTIP updates with her colleague Kris Kauk, including a demonstration of … Continue reading “ARM OTIP Presentation”